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Healthcare Disruptor & Personal Injury Assessment Professional.

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I've garnered recognition across various professional and healthcare domains and am the driving force behind The Healthcare Misfit™, a dynamic platform aimed at empowering individuals with invaluable insights into free-market medicine, legal-medical issues, and the latest trends in healthcare business. Throughout my career, I've solidified my standing as a foremost authority in this ever-evolving field.

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Clients select my services because I offer a distinctive perspective, drawing from multiple arenas of thought rather than one singular frame. Unlike experts confined to a single dimension with a simple background, I provide well-rounded insights tailored to individual needs, considering factors like personal values, goals, and unique circumstances.

As a trusted authority in the healthcare sector, I have appeared on KFOR News Channel 4 – one of the leading local news networks – for regular guest appearances. With their expansive viewership, it's both an honor and responsibility to serve as the go-to expert, elucidating pressing healthcare challenges and illuminating pathways to wellness for the community.