Effective Hand Therapy Putty Exercises at Home

Effective Hand Therapy Putty Exercises at Home

Put the Power of Therapy Putty to Work for Your Hands

The CanDo Theraputty Plus Hand Exercise Putty is a versatile and effective tool designed to strengthen hand muscles, improve fine motor skills, and provide stress relief. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, undergoing hand therapy, or simply looking to enhance your hand strength and flexibility, Theraputty can be a valuable addition to your routine. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits, exercises, and versatility of CanDo Theraputty Plus, and how it can benefit people of all ages. Get ready to squeeze, pinch, stretch, and twist your way to stronger hands and reduced stress levels.

Hand therapy putty exercises serve as a potent and economical tool to regain hand strength and dexterity. Before we delve into the specific exercises, it’s pivotal to understand how to maximize the benefits derived from hand putty exercises.

Making the Most of Your Putty Exercises

Hand therapy putty exercises stand out as an excellent method to bolster hand functionality and enhance mobility. Occasionally, hand weakness stems from neurological injuries or strokes. In such cases, the primary objective isnโ€™t merely muscle strengthening. Rather, it’s pivotal to fortify the neural connection between the brain and the hand.

Easy Putty Exercises for Hand Therapy at Home

The subsequent therapy putty exercises are designed to complement our therapy putty pack, available on Amazon. Endeavor to perform these exercises daily to foster strength and recovery.

Power Grip

The Power Grip exercise is beneficial for all skill levels. Simply grasp your putty and compress it using all five fingers, then release it. Repeat several times to experience a therapeutic and strengthening impact.

Power Grip

Full Grip

For this hand flexion exercise, mold the putty into a sphere and cradle it in your palm. Then, press all your fingers, excluding the thumb, into the putty. This exercise adds an additional layer of challenge to the Power Grip by omitting the thumb.

Full Grip Putty exercise

Finger Scissors

Form your putty into a sphere and compress it between your fingers. Attempt this with all finger combinations for additional hand therapy. Compress between your index and middle fingers, followed by your middle and ring fingers, and finally between your ring and little fingers.

Finger Scissors

Finger Spread

Shape the therapy putty and encircle it around two fingers, creating a donut shape. Subsequently, part your fingers. This resistance exercise focuses on extending the muscles that were flexed in the Finger Scissors exercise.

Finger Spread

Fingertip Pinch

Form your hand therapy putty into a sphere and pinch it using your thumb and fingertips. If hand spasticity hinders individual finger movement, press all fingers into the putty simultaneously. As you progress, attempt to press each finger individually into the putty.

Fingertip Pinch

Flat Pinch

Keep your fingers as straight as possible, and pinch the putty between your fingers and thumb. This deviates from the Fingertip Pinch as the fingers remain straight instead of curled, thereby engaging different muscles. This is a strengthening hand therapy putty exercise.

Flat Pinch therapy putty

Full Finger Spread

Shape the putty and wrap it around all your fingers, forming a circle. Then, spread your fingers. This exercise targets extension instead of flexion.

Full Finger Spread therapy putty

Finger Extension

Shape the putty and encircle it around a single finger while the finger is bent. Then, extend (straighten) the finger, using the putty to provide resistance. This advanced hand therapy putty exercise may be challenging, so if you struggle, revisit it in a few weeks.

Finger Extension therapy putty

Benefits of Using Therapy Putty for Hand Exercises

Therapy putty transcends its physical form, emerging as a potent ally in hand rehabilitation. It not only amplifies hand strength and flexibility but also mitigates symptoms of various hand conditions, presenting itself as a convenient and economical rehabilitation tool.

Different Diagnoses Where Therapy Putty Can Be Beneficial

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Mitigate wrist and hand pain.
  • Post-Stroke Hand Weakness: Reclaim strength and control.
  • Trigger Finger: Boost finger mobility.
  • Post-Tendon Surgery Rehabilitation: Secure your recovery journey.
  • Recovery After Hand Fractures: Facilitate a robust and effective healing process.

Sometimes, when your shoulder or elbow is injured or after surgery, you might need to wear a shoulder sling to keep your arm still. During this time, therapy putty can be helpful for keeping your hand strong.

There are various ways to make your hands and fingers stronger. You can squeeze a towel to improve your hand grip, or you can use special tools like a Digi-Flex to work on your hand, fingers, or thumb strength.

If your hand or fingers feel weak, it’s a good idea to see a physical therapist. They can teach you exercises tailored to your specific condition. Your therapist might use therapy putty to boost your strength, and they could include it in your home exercise routine.


CanDo Theraputty Plus is a versatile and effective hand exercise putty that offers numerous benefits for individuals of all ages. Whether you’re seeking hand rehabilitation, general hand strengthening, or stress relief, Theraputty can be a valuable tool. With its premium materials, non-toxic formula, and long-lasting consistency, Theraputty provides a safe and convenient way to strengthen your hands, improve fine motor skills, and decrease stress levels. Start incorporating CanDo Theraputty Plus into your routine and experience the transformative effects on your hand health and overall well-being.


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